Welcome to my new blog. As it says in the ‘About this blog’ section, this blog is to keep you lot, our friends in the south, informed as to how your friends in the north, Me and Flo, are doing.

Not much to report so far other than the move went well, that we unpacked fairly quickly, and that contrary to popular belief the sun has been shining in Manchester! As some of you will know, we’ve just spent our first full weekend up here which was spent cleaning, shopping, cooking, and going for a lovely walk down by the River Mersey. We even sampled some of the many cocktail bars in West Didsbury, where we now call home (West Didsbury that is, not the cocktail bars).

In the coming weeks I hope to post up some pics of Manchester and Didsbury (both West and the Village). In the meantime, here are a few pics of our new house.

the living room
the other side of the living room
the dining / workspace room
the kitchen
the bathroom (decoration is seriously questionable but at least it's clean)
our bedroom
the spare bedroom (just waiting for your visit)
my dressing room!!!


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