Easter holidays

Last weekend Chris officially became our first visitor from the south. After sampling some of West Didsbury’s watering holes on the Saturday evening (The Drawing Room, Pinchjo’s (for food and wine), Folk, One Lounge, The Woodstock) a long walk along the river on Sunday was exactly what the doctor ordered.


We set off in the direction of Didsbury, coming out at Fletcher Moss. This is where we discovered the Old Parsonage Gardens, and this pretty residence…

the Old Parsonage House
loving all the palms and climbing plants
how cool would it to live in this house! (But without the ghosts - it's apparently haunted)

Beautiful house from the outside, and the gardens are so peaceful. Its most famous nineteenth century resident was Fletcher Moss, local Alderman, J.P., and all-round generous benefactor  Unfortunately you can’t go inside, although at one time it was used as a gallery. This is a real shame. Incidentally, I think it would make a perfect location for a wedding/reception. The trustees of this place are definitely missing a trick.

Bank holiday monday was not a good day for my wallet…

oh dear!
but oh so pretty.

It looks rather waxy in the first pic but I assure sure it isn’t… it’s a little see-through but nothing that can’t be solved. It’s Toki and Nabi from No Angel Boutique.

Our (or rather my, seeing as F is away at the moment) second visitor from the south was Nicola. Had a great time shopping, obviously! (Wedding shoes x 2 – 1 glamorous pair and 1 sensible pair for the garden) have now been ticked off the to-do list).

Finally, do you remember the unknown species of plant/possibly weed…

flowering at last???

4 thoughts on “Easter holidays

  1. Eeek! I was in Folk on Saturday! Had to leave early due to a vintage fair on Sunday but had a great night. Ho hum . . . . . I love Folk!

    Just stopping by to say great blog! And, thank you for linking to Catwalk Threads. It’s much appreciated. I’ve added your link to mine. 🙂

    1. Thanks… I really love your blog. I’m currently searching for a vintage hair comb for my wedding in August so it’s been great looking at your links. I hope to pop by the Vintage Bizarre at Joe Petrillo’s soon. As it’s literally around the corner from where I live I have no excuse (unfortunately I’ll have to wait till June as I’m away for the next one).

      1. Congratulations on your August wedding. Exciting times! I’ve just sold a lovely vintage hair comb too. Try etsy.com or let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll try to find one for you. 🙂

  2. Just been thinking about a vintage hair comb for your wedding. I know a fabulous vintage seller who has the most divine range of vintage hair combs but she’s in the USA. She’s a fellow member of the Vintage Fashion Guild so I can guarantee that she offers the best in vintage and great customer service.

    Don’t forget – all her prices are in $USD. She really is one of the very best sellers of vintage I know. Here’s the link to her website and specifically the hair combs and slides


    Her clothing is very well priced but shipping will be costly from the States for heavier items.

    I shouldn’t imagine shipping costs are very high for a hair comb/slide but even if you don’t buy anything, it might provide you with some inspiration for your special day.

    I hope you enjoy looking around her website – she has some amazing vintage. If you do contact her, tell her Louise sent you from Catwalk Creative in the UK. Enjoy! Let me know how you get on.

    Have a great weekend. 🙂

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