Can it be May already?

(credit: Just Too Busy Blog)

Just back from a week in Germany. Lots of successful wedding planning:

  • Catering… Tick (I won’t say anything about this saliva-inducing feast prepared by Herr Müller – I don’t want to spoil it).
  • Registry… Tick (I seem to have passed myself off as seemingly competent enough in the German language that they don’t think I’m being forced into this marriage, although we will still need someone to translate for our non-German speaking guests as they’re not allowed to give us a transcript of what they will say – any takers?).
  • Flowers… Tick (These will be done by a friend of my mother-in-law to-be, whose favourite colour happily matches with my particular flower choice, and will only be charging us 1 cent as it’s unlucky not to charge for the bridal bouquet – feel very lucky).
  • Drinks… Tick (This I have to say was the best part of the week. A private wine-tasting session, just F and me, F’s sister, and her bf at the vineyard of said bf’s relatives. Unglaublich! Fantastisch! We’ve even brought some bottles home with us so that we can make extra special sure that our guests will like it – how selfless we are!)

Without giving too much away here’s a sneaky peak at the front garden of F’s mum’s house (for those of you who haven’t been there before), we’re we’ll be holding our wedding party.

the venue (barring a torrential downpour)

Having got back we set to work planting the Johannisbeerenstrauch (red currant plant – you know those little tart berries they often put as dressing on plates of fancy sandwiches and are always served up with breakfast platters in Berlin – Yum!) that F’s mum gave us. And while we were at it we gave our Yarden a quick going over, pulling out the weeds between the concrete slabs, cutting back some vicious branches of a hazelnut tree (or plant – whatever they’re called), and removing hundreds of slowly decaying fag ends from the soil of the border. Remember the unknown species of plant? Well it turned out to be Bluebells

just as my mum and F's mum had predicted

We then cleaned the front doorstep and bought a hanging basket to adorn the porch. We rewarded our horticultural efforts by also buying a new ceramic salad bowl (and for me a new ring with a big fat faux pearl) from Moth, and a late lunch in Love2Eat (another West Didsbury eatery ticked off our list). I think these were perfectly just rewards given that we were still in Germany at 10.30am British-time and got back home just before 2pm. Just imagine what you could achieve if you had an extra hour every day.

I realise that I’ve actually shown very little of ‘the North’ so far on this blog. This is because F and I seem to have spent the last few months constantly on the move leaving very little time to explore. We are however off to Leeds next Saturday for a day of sight-seeing and the opera. A full roving report to follow.


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