Oh my, aren’t we crafty!

With only 2 weeks to go till the big day (and only 1 of those left in the UK) I decided that we should have a go at making our own bunting to decorate the garden. Buying it here is costly, and we’re not sure of its availability in Freiburg/Staufen. So, this week I purchased the necessaries (fabric, ribbon, pinking shears, tailor’s chalk) and borrowed a friend’s sewing machine, and this afternoon we set about our crafty task.

Florian expertly prepared the triangles and ironed the ribbon in half,

and marked the flag positions on the ribbon.

I then pinned the flags into the folded ribbon,

like so,

and then sewed them together on the machine.

I haven’t used a sewing machine since I made a denim knife cover in Home Ec back in the early 90s. A good read of the manual (I even managed to wind the bobbin and thread the needle from scratch) and a few practice runs, and I was away. I might not have always sewn a straight line but I think I did pretty well.

And hey presto… 10 metres of very fine bunting.

Thanks to Lorna for the lend of her sewing machine, and Florian for being a very able seamstress’ assistant (the ‘very able’ being in reference to the assistant, obviously, not the seamstress).


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