Roving report #2: Liverpool Biennial 2010

Two weekends ago, we three


Date: 25 September

Distance from Manchester: Approx 50 mins from Manchester by train

What we saw there:

the redeveloped Lime Street Station



this was once Rapid Hardware (now relocated to the old George Henry Lees aka. John Lewis building on the high street – also Public Realm I hosting the ‘Touched International Exhibition’


Rapid remnants



Alfredo Jaar



NS Harsha



(I forget who)



Rosa Barba



Nicholas Hlobo at the Bluecoat



Hector Zamora at Mann Island (new home of Open Eye Gallery)


a thriving and still developing Albert Dock (it’s been ages since I came down to the docks and I was impressed, especially with the new Museum of Liverpool, although shame it isn’t going to be a concert hall, because that would be impressive)

By far my favourite was the Nicholas Hlobo. I love ribbons; ribbons send me back to my dancing days and trips to the haberdashery where all the reels of colourful ribbons were lined up like in a sweetie shop. It was exciting and disorientating getting lost among the ribbons – people appeared and disappeared as if in thick fog. It reminded me a lot of the Gormley’s Blind Light which we saw a few years back at the Southbank (except less moist). A close second was Hector Zamora’s concrete structures, for the way they looked like a flock of jurassic birds (the offspring of the Liver birds perhaps?). The Marx Lounge – quite literally a lounge with a huge selection of socialist/anti-capitalist-themed/authored books intended for perusal. It was interesting for what it was trying to do, although not entirely achieved – no-one, while we were there, including us, sat down and read the books available for example, and it wasn’t clear whether you could take away or buy the books (although we did later have quite a discussion about the meaning of it all over dinner so I guess it did have an impact!).  There’s lots we didn’t get round to seeing in the course of one short afternoon, and there’s new stuff on all the time – like Touch Village, tomorrow.




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