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Last night we bid farewell to Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby. The plot was flimsy, as ever, and the murders (drowning in a floatation tank and crushed by a multi-gym) were disappointingly lacklustre given it was his last case and what can happen to you in the county of Midsomer.* And surely he should have been a victim! But alas, he announced he was leaving the Force for an indefinite holiday. Luckily, his cousin, also called Barnaby (John not Tom), was on hand at the end to go deal with the vicar found hanging from a bell rope in Badger’s Drift (an occupational hazard).


Our Top Five Episodes

1. ‘The Killings at Badger’s Drift’ – the Pilot; and has many characters who appear again in later episodes

2. ‘Faithful Unto Death’ – Barnaby gets stoned

3. ‘Hidden Depths’ – for the best death; a nasty man is tortured to death when he’s strapped to his lawn and used as target practice for catapulted bottles of his own wine (his much down-trodden wife, who has been strapped into her wheelchair, looks on from an upstairs window and advises the murderer on his line of shot)

4. ‘Down Among the Dead Men’ – featuring the ‘Florians’ and the wonderful duet from Bizet’s ‘Pearl Fisher’

5. ‘Country Matters’ – all the main suspects turn out to be upper-class prostitutes


*For the most held together plot lines see the earliest episodes adapted by Anthony Horowitz




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