Holidays (part I)

Finally got round to downloading the photos from our recent holiday. Here are some of the highlights…

first stop Venice

we stayed here

hung around with these lovely people

and drank far too many of these

but it wasn’t all about the spritz –

your first Biennale is also the best but here are some faves from this time around

Urs Fischer, Untitled (2011) – a candle sculpture, full scale replica of Giambologna’s ‘Rape of the Sabine Women’, melting in progress, at Arsenale

Christoph Schlingensief at the German Pavillion, Giardini

Yerbossyn Meldibekov, Mutation (2008-2011), Central Asia Pavillion – political change marked by changing monuments

more mutations at the Luxembourg Pavillion – Martine Feipel & Jean Bechameil, Le Cercle Fermé (2011)

we also found time to walk around the grounds of the gorgeous palazzo Zenobio

and eat some heavenly ice cream from Grom on Campo San Barnaba, which is also the location of our favourite enoteca Oniga – sorry, no pictures of the food as too busy eating it; and just in case you were wondering, the bottle contains some of their delicious table wine bought for 5 euros

and then it was off to Bioggio…


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