Holidays (part III)

So next stop was Staufen. We took the train from Lugano through the Swiss Alps. Wonderful views, unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to take pictures. Took one of the engine we were in though.

unfortunate name!

Aside from being unwell (lots of coughing and antiobiotics) we managed to have a pretty good time playing tennis followed by a swim, lots of good food and wine, antiques shopping and well shopping in general (we came back with 6 soup bowls, 4 pasta plates, 1 cheese/cake plate, and a milk jug!). We also…


made afternoon tea, twice



wandered around the black forest before dinner here in St Ulrich


had a yummy barbecue at Stegi’s and admired Vreni’s vegetable patch


and went to France, to the town of Sélestat in the Alsace, where we visited the Humanist library. Founded in 1452, it houses the library of the Latin School at Sélestat and the personal library (670 volumes) of Beatus Rhenanus, scholar and friend of Erasmus.


above right is the oldest book in the collection, a Merovingian lectionary dating from the 7th century

this was my personal favourite

and that was the end of our summer getaway.


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