Adventures in a car: Lyme Park

Two weeks ago we pulled up at Lyme Park, otherwise known as Pemberley, the country pile of Mr Darcy! I last visited some fifteen years ago, when my sister and brother-in-law took me out for the day to celebrate my GCSE results. I was a little Pride&Prejudice obsessed to say the least. Then, from what I can remember, the tour of Lyme Hall was all about P&P but I was reeeeaaaalllly obsessed! It’s changed a bit. At the moment it’s all about Mary, Queen of Scots who is believed to have stayed at Lyme Hall while taking the waters at nearby Buxton, including a National Portrait Gallery exhibition, ‘Mary, Queen of Scots: Fact and Fiction’.

No photography allowed, so nothing to show but we saw all the usual rooms you’d expect, as well as a piano in the entrance hall which they invite people (who can) to play, and a lovely light-filled library where you can sit down and read. No ‘below stairs’ quarters to explore, which we always think is a shame.

After touring the house, we had a good wander around the grounds, intermittently nibbling on our picnic. We also got chatted up by a very nice lady in the car park, capitulated and joined the National Trust. So at only half an hour’s drive from Manchester, and with our special £83 car parking sticker, I have a feeling we’ll be back! Here are a few pics:





The flower beds were amazing… put our little yarden border to shame

Next up on ‘Adventures in a car’: The Pack Horse Inn, New Mills and Quarry Bank Mill


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