Adverntures in a car: Errwood Reservoir

Two weekends ago we took advantage of the second summer, packed a picnic, jumped in the car and headed once again into the Peaks. Destination: Errwood Reservoir in the Upper Goyt Valley. On the drive there we passed some pretty spectacular views. No sooner had we passed Lyme Park than Florian was forced off the road with screams of ‘STOP!’ as Chris (who was visiting us) and I spotted the first of many perfect photo opportunities.


On arrival at Errwood we set off on a walk which took us up the hill above the reservoir,


then we descended through a wooded path towards the ruins of Errwood Hall. Built by the Grimshawe family in the 1830s it was demolished a hundred years later when the Fernilee reservoir (the sister reservoir to Errwood, both of which provide water to Stockport and surrounding areas) was constructed and a substantial part of the Errwood estate was submerged under the reservoir. The small brick building is a shrine to the Grimshawe’s favourite governess, the Spanish aristocratic Miss Dolores de Ybarguen, who died on a visit to Lourdes



Then it was back along the ridge to the reservoir



where we finished with a picnic followed by a sneaky drink (an apfelschorle for me – I was driving) in the sunshine at The Swan Inn in Kettleshulme.


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