Looking back at Christmas 2011, Looking forward to 2012

Better late than never, here’s a short recap of our Christmas interspersed with a few things we’re looking forward to in 2012. I say interspersed, they’re a bit randomly listed owing to my desire to put them in a list of 12… I had some idea about 12 days of Christmas, 12 months in the year, 12 just seemed like a good number at the time…


12. The advent chocolates we each ate all the way from Sixt in Staufen

11. The bottles of wine consumed in 3 days (excluding the Cava, Carlos and Cognac)

10. The real candles on our tree

9. The month in 2012 when we will bid a sad farewell to the north

8. The months we have left to enjoy Manchester and all it has to offer

7. The times we listened to Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, on repeat

6. The flights booked for a family visit to Staufen, a holiday in Spain and a wedding in Munich in 2012

5. The hours we drove through traffic jams, torrential rain and wind to reach London for New Year’s Eve

4. The chapters completed of my Christmas read, Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain

3. The pairs of muddy boots following a boxing-day walk near Dunham Massey

2. The number of Schedings living up north up to July 2012

1. The number of baby Schedings due in July 2012*

* Please note, none of the bottles of wine, nor the Cava, Carlos or Cognac were consumed by me!


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