Positive thinking

Lately I’ve been wearing Florian’s pj bottoms simply because I don’t have any, he offered, and he has spares. They are a little big but ever so warm and comfortable. A few nights after I first began wearing them he asked how I found them compared to my usual bed attire, which is a series of night shirts/dresses. Instead of listing the positives (they keep my legs toasty, for example) I reeled off a list of negatives for both the pants (they can ride up) and my nightshirts (they can get twisted to the point of straightjacketing you in your sleep). This is, I might add, typical Jones-Parkinson behaviour, as members of my family will attest. Always thinking of the cons of a situation/plan/idea before the pros, the what ifs… rather than the possibilities. I do this a lot.

So in a bid to think more positively, to think of the possibilities that the future holds (especially with a baby on the way), and inspired by this lovely blog I stumbled upon recently, Three Beautiful Things, I have decided that each week I will try and make a list of 3 things which have given me pleasure in the previous 7 days. Here are this week’s three beautiful things:


Book contract, husband home, fluttering

1. I heard that I’ve secured a book contract with Manchester University Press.

2. Having Florian back home on Tuesday night rather than Wednesday and being able to see him entertain our friend’s two little girls beyond excitement.

3. Feeling what may have been the first flutterings of baby Scheding (probably imagining them but it’s exciting to think that they might be flutterings) and hearing that my Mum has already made 2 baby cardigans.


2 thoughts on “Positive thinking

  1. Ohh, what lovely beautiful things! I remember the day I first felt Alec — we’d spent the day moving into the house where he was to be born, and I was lying in bed when I felt a fluttering. What’s really nice is later on when I could lie in bed behind my husband and Alec would kick him in the bottom!

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