A gift, a smile, a clean house

Three beautiful things that made my week:

1. On Wednesday some parcels arrive. The first, and the one I’m especially waiting in for, is a pair of my very own pj bottoms from here, and recommended here. But there’s also an unexpected parcel from Amazon. At first, I think it’s a book that Florian ordered for me last week but the package looks too big and heavy (besides, the book he ordered is coming from abebooks, a fact I temporarily forget). I open it to find it contains Your Pregnancy Bible, a gift from Nicola. How lovely! I’m chuffed and flick through it excitedly over lunch.

2. Returning from Didsbury Village yesterday we pass a man carrying a big blue umbrella to protect himself from the snow. He gives us the widest, friendliest grin we’ve ever seen, teeth and all. It makes us smile and giggle just a little.

3. How boring but incredibly satisfying it is to put your house in order, quite literally. In the last few days I’ve sorted my drawers, cleaned the bathroom, dusted and hoovered upstairs and down, changed the bed, put numerous washes on and mended a hole in one of my jumpers. Florian has made my dinner to order – burger and homemade chips yesterday, watercress soup and rump steak this evening- just in case anyone thinks he’s lazy!


2 thoughts on “A gift, a smile, a clean house

    1. Too true! A hole has however already appeared in the front of mine after one wash and no wearing which is a little disappointing. It’s in the seam so I guess I’ll just sew it rather than taking them back. Otherwise I’m very pleased with them so thanks for posting about them and your other maternity wear essentials!

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