New Brighton

With Florian visiting his best man in Brighton I took myself off to my parents for the weekend. Oh the freedom of the car! And many thanks to the clutz who bumped our beauty last week while we were away and scraped away the paint down to the primer – cheers for that! Saturday involved window shopping in Liverpool, buying up HomeBargains’ entire stock of heavily reduced bio-oil (it had better work), and a chippy tea.* Today, mum and I went for a stroll along the promenade to New Brighton where it was grey and motionless.

view along the promenade; estuary; fort perch rock; lighthouse

Unlike it’s southern namesake, New Brighton has without a doubt past its prime as a seaside resort. Its heyday was from the 1890s to WWI. Redevelopment (including a cinema, a supermarket and even a Travel Lodge – I kid you not!?) is clearly breathing life and bringing much needed cash to the area, although the entire complex does rather blight the once uninterrupted view down to the end of the prom. But if you ignore all that, and look out to sea, the air is good. It’s not something I appreciated enough when growing up but what a place to have right on your doorstep.

* meaning ‘Chinese’. In my case, beef green pepper and black bean with rice and prawn crackers.


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