Vitamin D, vintage cont’d, fungus

All Germany-related beautiful things from the last week:

1. Basking in week-long sunshine. No need for vitamin D supplements last week.

2. Our collection of vintage treasures also continued. On Monday, we scored a Steiff bear (soft-bodied so very cuddly for Baby S) from an antiques shop in Staufen. On Tuesday, we picked up some lovely table napkins at the Emmaus in France. And Florian’s Mum gave us a beautiful 1920s tea service which miraculously survived the flight home, (pictures all to follow in next post).

3. Wandering through Freiburg we found a lovely little book, A Floral Calender and other Flower Lore by Marie Angel in a second-hand bookstore and bought it as a gift for Florian’s Mum. It provided lots of entertainment as we searched for the birthday flowers of all the family. Especially amusing was discovering that Florian’s flower is in fact a Fungus! Mine, in case anyone is wondering, is an Aleppo Pine.


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