145-155 bpm, goodies, rest

These three beauties are actually from the week beginning 2nd April. I didn’t get a chance to post them before we went off on holiday (more of which to follow):

1. On Monday we hear baby S’s heartbeat. I almost cry in the consulting room. I do when we get outside.

2. Later my Mum arrives with a hamper. It’s stocked full of baby goodies- newborn nappies, vests, bibs, mattress covers, baby sponges, wipes, a few other bits and bobs. She’s also brought a bag full of gender-neutral baby clothes and blankets from my sister. I realise my clothes are being slowly edged out of my dressing room. I’ve already consolidated my tops, t’shirts , vests and jeans to just one shelf. I fear this is only the start. But baby S doesn’t get everything. Mum has also bought us a box of Lindt chocolate mini eggs that are devoured in no time.

3. Good Friday at about 4pm local time we arrive in Orgiva, Spain. A week of sleeping, reading and sunbathing with no internet, phone or work to distract stretches ahead us.


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