A few weeks ago we were in Staufen visiting Florian’s mum and her husband Herman (and Smilla the dog, of course). The weather was glorious. We spent as much time as possible outside soaking up the sunshine and warmth.

This is a rear view of the new house and garden (still a work in progress). The old house and garden hold some special memories, not least of our wedding, but this house has some major plus points – it’s more spacious, warmer, and comes with a sauna! It’s in the village of Grunern, which is part of Staufen and only a 15 minute walk across the fields into town.

But it wasn’t all lazing in the garden. We also saw a great production of Verdi’s opera Rigoletto in Freiburg, went foraging for flowers and Bärlauch (wild garlic), and went on our usual pilgrimage to the Emmaüs in France.


– foraging –

– outside the Emmaüs! –

We also ate, a lot, including schnitzel at the Strausse above Grunern and far too much cake.

– the strausse

– the walk back down giving great views over Grunern and Staufen beyond –


– homemade Johannisbeerkuchen and éclairs from France –

We somehow ALWAYS manage to acquire things when we go to Germany, usually new shoes, crockery or food. This time was no exception. I got myself a very nice, comfy pair of desert boots in dark brown suede from Camper (perfect for pushing a buggy around in the winter). We also added to our kitchen and dining ware with a new frying pan, a set of white napkins from France, and a vintage 1920s tea service, courtesy of Florian’s mum. We also bought or were given quite a few things for baby S, including clothes once worn by Florian and his sister, a teddy, a soft rabbit that plays a sweet Mozart lullaby, and a jingly jangly caterpillar pram chain. Thanks to Swiss’s lenient baggage policy we just about managed to get everything back to the UK.

– the tea service in action –


– a few of the acquisitions for Baby S –

Speaking of whom, the sunshine and garden provided a lovely backdrop for a couple of 24 week bump photos.


Can’t wait till the winter when we can hopefully return with the little one in tow.



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