A few pictures from our recent trip to Chiemsee, near Munich, to celebrate the wedding of Juliane and Rasso. They got married in the unbelievably beautiful location of the Fraueninsel (the island pictured below) with the snowy Alps providing a stunning backdrop. We booked a hotel on the mainland in Gstadt where our balcony had great views overlooking the lake and the Alps.

a small visitor to our balcony

Fraueninsel, just a short boat trip across the lake.


On board the good ship Siegfried! / the church bell tower

The island is home to a Benedictine convent. Like all good nuns, the sisters still make their own liquor.


I didn’t take too many photos of the wedding as I was, as usual, too busy eating and enjoying myself but I did manage to capture Florian and some friends playing Beethoven’s variations on Mozart’s Là ci darem  (from Don Giovanni) for the happy couple. Oh and someone managed to take a snap of me too.

The island is car-free which makes for a very quiet relaxing place. The lake itself was also still and peaceful with just the odd boat floating about.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit the Herreninsel, the larger of the two inhabited islands in Chiemsee (pictured in the distance above). It’s home to a palace built for Bavaria’s mad king Ludwig II and modeled on the Palace of Versailles. But hopefully we’ll be back sometime soon.

We thought we were lucky with the weather on our wedding day but that honor now goes to Juliane and Rasso. Having basked in glorious sunshine on the Saturday we woke on Sunday to find the Chiemsee looking positively arctic. Still, we braved the rain and made the short crossing back to the Fraueninsel to join the happy couple and other guests for a hearty German breakfast. We then headed back to Munich and eventually the airport, ending what has been a busy but supremely enjoyable month of European adventures.


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