At bay, 75 percent, sunshine and swallows

Three beautiful things from the week just gone:

1. We appear to be winning against a recent ant invasion. The vinegar and water seems to be keeping them at bay, although the odd one still appears in the unlikeliest of places, such as in the frying pan on Monday. Thankfully, it was spotted before I put the food in but not before I turned the heat on.

2. On Wednesday, I go for lung function tests. Given that we have no pre-pregnancy baseline to go on they seem a little redundant but I know I’m lucky that the NHS cares to bother at all. The appointment doesn’t start well when I get a gushing nosebleed after deciding it might be a good idea to clear my nasal passages. After a quick clean up the tests get underway. Turns out my lung is working at about 75 percent capacity. Not bad if you consider 80 percent would still be considered within normal range, and it is just the one all on its own. We’ll see what the consultant thinks in a few weeks.

3. A week of glorious, uninterrupted sunshine. Though ‘one swallow does not a summer make’, surely three, spotted yesterday evening in the blue skies above our yarden, has got to be a good sign?


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