Freebies, coasters, four-day weekend

1. I skive off Tuesday morning and meet my mum in town. We do a spot of shopping before lunch, and I get the bargain of a century in Boots. A baby bottle, a pack of newborn nappies and a changing bag with changing mat for free all thanks to Boots Parenting Club. I get the bottle for free with a voucher. I get the changing bag for free when I buy the nappies. But then I don’t buy the nappies because the cashier rings everything (nappies, bag and bottle) through the till as a 3for2 meaning they come for free as well. Who doesn’t enjoy a freebie, even if it’s not for yourself?!

2. Florian returns from a week in Tel Aviv on Friday with a present – a set of beautiful coasters featuring some of the city’s amazing Bauhaus architecture. I’m very pleased on two counts. Firstly, we have no coasters and it’s been on my mind to get some for a while. Secondly, added to his raving account of Tel Aviv, the city is now on our travel agenda, maybe even in the next year.

3. A relaxed, lazy weekend made even better by the knowledge that there are two more days off to follow.


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