Well wishes, midwives (again), family excursion

It turns out it’s pretty difficult to keep up (ir)regular blogging with looking after a newborn so here are  three beautiful things from the last three, life-changing weeks (yes, they’re all baby related):

1. The cards, presents and well wishes from friends, family and neighbours that just keep coming for our little boy.

2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, midwives are THE BEST, at least in our experience. I was a little sad to wave goodbye to Ruth, one of our community midwives, and Rachel, her student, last week. They do such an amazing and undervalued job looking after new mums and babies in those first daunting days.

3. One sunny afternoon we make our first family excursion into town. Felix returns registered with his birth certificate. I return with something expensive and sparkly in my ear lobes, a gift from my lovely husband. Lovely husband returns as the most flirted at man after carrying his newborn son in the babybjörn through the city centre.


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