A final fling in Derbyshire: Losehill House and Chatsworth

It’s Sunday morning, the baby is fast asleep between mama and papa, and I can finally catch up on some posts.*

Before the arrival of Felix, Florian and I treated ourselves to one final weekend getaway to the Peak District and the Derbyshire dales. First stop was Losehill House where we had ourselves a bespoke spa day. £35 got us tea and coffee on arrival, a two-course lunch, and use of the spa facilities which included pool, sauna, hot tub, and of course a fluffy gown, slippers and a chance to sample some of the sublime Thalgo beauty products. I also booked myself a very relaxing pregnancy back massage as a little extra. The day was worth it just for the lunch and the view from the outdoor hot tub (see picture below)! The food was quite possibly the best either of us have had in this country. It more than exceeded our expectations of the ‘light lunch’ which was advertised as part of the deal and we’re still amazed that that quality of food can be served at such a low price. The last time I went to a spa in London a mediocre club sandwich set me back £18!

the view from the hot tub

awaiting tea on the lawn

After the spa we drove over to the village of Pilsley and checked into the Devonshire Arms, a traditional inn on the Chatsworth Estate. We’d booked a late availability room so it was half price including breakfast. The room was comfortable, and the food was tasty, especially the full English breakfast, and the staff were incredibly friendly.

The village is very sweet if a little too ‘Chatsworthed’ – all the paintwork on the buildings adheres to the blue Chatsworth colour code. After dinner we went for a little walk around the village (completed in 5 minutes) and took in the views of the surrounding countryside.

The next morning it was off to Chatsworth House. As you can see below, the house sits beautifully in the landscape (by design, I guess) but we weren’t big fans of its interiors which we found a bit gaudy. The grounds, gardens and food were spectacular however. A few random shots below including the gardens, the fountain, our lunch, the one room we did like (the library), and the perfect Mr Whippy.

* This post is completed on a Sunday morning just not the Sunday morning on which it was started!


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