Snow, whoosh, twitching

In a bid to get back into blogging (and a massive catch up post will follow) here are three beautiful things from my week:

1. Arriving in Germany on Tuesday we are greeted by a light dusting of snow with the anticipation of more to come. We’re not disappointed. We wake on Wednesday to a winter wonderland. Britain may have stole our thunder a little by having its own whiteout but we get the better scenery. Felix has his first sleigh ride.

2. After getting over the initial panic I always feel at having my feet fastened down onto what are essentially two thin pieces of plywood with no breaks, it turns out cross-country skiing is quite exhilarating. Banks of sparkling, untouched snow. Towering, frosted trees. The whoosh as you slide quickly along the track.

3. Blackbirds, finches, and tits sweep down to forage the seeds and fruit scraps put out on the snow-covered lawn. We sit still and cosily inside, Felix and I, and watch their comings and goings.


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