Recently in the south… Or what we’ve been up to for the last three months or so

A little of what we’ve been up to for the last three months or so.


We bid a sad farewell to our beloved Manchester and our lovely neighbours and moved over 200 miles to Southampton. We settled in pretty quickly, a process helped enormously by the fact that we’re renting the nicest apartment we’ve ever lived in (photo tour to follow, eventually). Felix and I spent most of the month getting to know our not-so-exciting-but-it’ll-do new neighbourhood, exploring Southampton Common which is just up the road, and visiting John Lewis just a little too much (because we can). At the end of the month, Florian’s mum came to visit. We took her shopping in Winchester, for a pub lunch in Hamble, for afternoon tea at The Montagu Arms in Beaulieu and on a stomp around the New Forest, where it became apparent that buggies and marshland do not mix.


New Forest ponies


Florian, his Mum and buggy traversing the swamp


the churchyard at Hamble


Felix and I met a lovely Southampton mummy and her babies and joined some weekly playgroups. We had a few visitors, my mum included. We explored Brockenhurst (boring with a lovely teashop and The Pig nearby) and Lymington (very pleasant, by the sea). I turned 33, had birthday lunch at the Black Rat and embarked on fulfilling a lifelong dream of playing the piano (the lessons, the most amazing birthday present from Florian). We drove to London a couple of times to catch up with friends and get Felix his German passport. I belatedly got my craft on and set about making our flat a little more festive, and we had a lovely, relaxed Christmas just the three of us. Predictably, we were in bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve.




star garland (inspired by Red Boots)


first family christmas


We cheered ourselves with the New Forest Wildlife Park, a trip to Brighton to visit friends and a week away in Germany. Felix experienced his first snowfall, went on a sleigh ride, and did a bit of bird watching. Florian and I cross-country skied, went on dates, and had lots of saunas.


otter at the Wildlife Park


three men and a baby in Brighton




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