Hinton Ampner

Keen to get back into using our National Trust membership we paid a visit to Hinton Ampner last weekend. Hinton Ampner is a country house and garden, not far from Petersfield. Both the house and garden were modelled by Ralph Dutton, some lord or other, in the 1930s. He then remodelled the house in the 1960s when it was destroyed by fire. Given the decade, he could have been brave and gone for something like this http://www.modculture.co.uk/1960sdesigned-house-in-surrey-for-sale/ (if a little bigger). Instead, he rebuilt it in its original Georgian style. The previous house had apparently 21 bedrooms and only one bathroom so you can’t really blame the guy for wanting to give himself a bit of home comfort. Besides, he had a lot of eighteenth-century furniture to find a place for. They apparently had over 500 visitors the previous weekend but then the sun was out. We did battle with chilly temperatures and a light snowfall which meant we saw more of the inside of the teashop than the garden. The garden is apparently superb and we’ll have to revisit in the spring/summer to see it in all its glory. There were however a scattering of snowdrops, some spectacularly bulbous topiary, and the views across to the south downs were beautiful, as were the one pot of braised beef, mash and red cabbage, the fruit scones with jam and clotted cream, and the slice of coffee and walnut cake.


Hinton House, 1960s remodel


Hinton House, pre-1930s remodel


my scowling, very heavy, boy


exploring the garden


topiary avenue




the view south


warmth and sustenance


2 thoughts on “Hinton Ampner

  1. Love the blog, we should have left a comment ages ago. Some great pictures of the house and your little one. Although I am not sure Florian will like you calling him a very heavy boy!

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