Catch up and cuddles, botanical garden, just what I need

What a week! Especially the last four days. Our boy has a stomach bug. I’ll spare you the details but there have been more changes of nappies and clothes, his and mine, than I ever thought possible.  He’s been a trooper through it all but fingers crossed we see the back of it tonight. Keeping me going this week:

1. A lovely long catch up with a friend and cuddles with her beautiful new baby.

2. It’s nicely sheltered from the cold wind in the University of Southampton Botanical Garden. I set the brake on the pushchair and sit down on a bench in the sun. Florian arrives with the takeaway tea I ordered and we enjoy a little wander together before he returns to work.

3. Text message received from Florian, Friday 15 March, 7.48pm: ‘I think I’ll be home soon. I fancy: Indian, MM [Midsomer Murders], bed. Do you?’ Yes I do.


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