Sunny mornings, catch up, heading west

An excellent week with plenty of beautiful things to smile about, including

1. Sitting at the breakfast table and feeding my son his porridge with the sunlight streaming through the window.

2. Catching up with a friend and her two gorgeous babes. It was a long drive but more than worth it.

3. And most beautiful of all, Florian’s bagged himself a new job… in BRISTOL!!! I’ll repeat that, in BRISTOL!!!! O.M.G., I cannot even begin to describe just how excited we are. Finally, we can check out ‘rightmove’ with purpose. Cafes, delis, Clifton Suspension Bridge, we’re on our way!

Any tips on great (but affordable) areas for a young professional family to live would be much appreciated. We’re currently thinking south of the river – Totterdown, Windmill Hill, Victoria park, Knowle, but have no idea.


2 thoughts on “Sunny mornings, catch up, heading west

  1. Bristol is a fantastic city to live in; we used to live in Clifton which is lovely. Cotham is also really nice, and areas near the Gloucester Road such as Bishopston and Horfield are worth considering. Also maybe Brislington. Wherever you end up I am sure you will love it. We live in Thornbury now, which is fantastic – it’s about 12 miles north of Bristol though – a small market town with great schools and a fantastic environment for bringing up children.

    1. I can’t wait to move! Southampton doesn’t really do it for us after living in London and Manchester. We’re thinking of south of river at the moment as it seems to be in our price range (unlike Clifton, unfortunately!) and the North Street area looks like our kind of neighbourhood – a few independent shops, cafes, bars (not that we do bars much anymore with a 10 month old). At least, that’s what we think the area has!? I’ve also heard good things about the Gloucester Road area. We’ll probably rent first and get a feel for the different areas but every time I think of the city or visit it I feel like a kid in a sweet shop! Definitely keep Thornbury in mind for in a few years’ time (especially after seeing your lovely pics) as eventually I think we’ll have our little escape to the country.

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