Nature in the nursery





We were given custodianship of these, and other plants, by the owners of our apartment. I’m not the most attentive of indoor gardeners but Florian is so I think we’ll manage to keep them alive. I like it that the nursery has a bit of nature in it and fully intend to add a few plants to any future room for Felix. As well as looking nice and cheerful, plants will improve the air quality and help ward off all those bugs he’s likely to catch as he gets out and about more. He might even grow up to be a little more green fingered than his mama.

Joining in with Lou’s Nature in the Homeseries at Little Green Shed. Go check out all the lovely entries.


5 thoughts on “Nature in the nursery

    1. Me neither, I have no idea what the plant on the left is. I have a hunch it’s from Ikea but whatever I like it and it’s currently alive!

      ps. I never commented at the time but thanks for putting a name to my husband’s ‘photic sneeze reflex’! I thought it was only he that sneezes three times in a row in sunlight. Just waiting to see if our boy has it too 🙂 Emma

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