Dragon trees





Our collection of dragon tree plants, or Dracaena marginata (get me!)*. We currently have three, although only one is ours, the others belong to the owners of the apartment. The first sits in the bathroom, the second in the living room at the fireplace, and the third in the office/spare room. This is not the best location but it is a beast of plant and there’s no where else for it to go at the moment. We inherited it when we took over our last flat in London from a friend. She’d given it up for dead but we tended to it, eventually re-potted it and lo and behold it survived! Our friend didn’t even recognise it as the same plant when she came to visit. I think it’s quite hard to slay these dragons (although in photographing them I’ve noticed that the one in the bathroom needs some attention). Plus they’ll grow to whatever size of pot you put them in. I just love their red edged leaves.

Joining in with Lou’s ‘Nature in the Home’ series at Little Green Shed. Lots of lovely nature, so many beautiful blogs to discover.

* if I’ve identified them correctly.


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