A few weeks ago, Lou of Little Green Shed threw down the challenge to forage for nature to be brought into the home. I love this idea for a number of reasons, not least because I’m now on unpaid maternity leave and fresh cut flowers are quite expensive, even if I do usually get them from the clearance section at the supermarket.

For a whole week, I walked the streets and common land of Southampton (as we don’t have a garden to pick from) looking for suitable foraging material. Although I saw plenty of nice branches of blossom and lots of flowering shrubs, I couldn’t quite bring myself to pick or “ahem” steal them. Thus, I missed last week’s Nature in the Home series deadline. So imagine my delight when passing some lock-up garages close to our apartment I finally spotted some forget me knots (at least that’s what I think they are)! They were clearly growing wild so I picked up some scissors this afternoon and went and cut a few. I was feeling quite brave after that so I also took some other flowers, including bluebells and dandelions from the borders and lawn (both communal areas) outside the apartment. The little violet flowers I spied on the pavement poking out from under a fence. OK, hands up, these were technically stolen but I’m sure they would have otherwise have been trampled on and I only picked about four flower heads, Your Honor!  After a rummage for some small vases in the charity shops in prep for my act of guerrilla flower picking I decided that a couple of jars foraged from the recycling would be cheaper and greener.

The smaller/shorter arrangement makes me very happy. Like a wild flower meadow in a jar.

Joining in the Nature in the Home series over at Little Green Shed.


11 thoughts on “Foraged

    1. Thank you! I do love a bit of blue. And thanks for creating this wonderful series. Apart from the great fun I’ve had foraging and discovering all these new blogs, it’s also helping me blog more regularly. As much as I’d like to, I feel I can’t only post on nature in the home, so thank you xx

    1. What a sweet middle name. And yes, I live in Southampton, Highfield. You? We only moved here from Manchester in November but we’re relocating to Bristol at the end of the summer (husband’s new job). Love your blog xx

      1. Ooo I know Highfield I think it’s near the Uni yes?

        I’m just a few miles outside of Southampton itself in the New Forest but there are a fair few Southampton bloggers !

        Bristol’s lovely, I’ve often daydreamed of living there x

    1. Thanks Doris! I love your fuchsia also. I grew up with a fuchsia bush right outside my front door so have always loved their rich pinks and purples x

  1. Ah! These really are lovely – bluebells!!

    and I’m a big ‘forager’ (*ahem*;) — I do take a sprig or two of blossom, or a little forsythia in the park… but always from the back of the bush! I do feel somewhat sneaky, but my rule of thumb is, if I could count how many there are, there’s not enough for me to take.

    Have a lovely weekend


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