Madrid II: ¡que aproveche!

I arrived in Madrid in the late afternoon. After dropping off my bag, we headed straight out to this old bar that Florian used to come to in the Malasaña district. We sat there for a good hour or more while we drank quite possibly the largest gin and tonics on the planet and feasted on a free and seemingly endless supply of nuts.

2013-04-09 17.06.09


2013-04-09 17.08.48


Slightly tipsy, we headed off in search of dinner. The previous evening Florian had rung me in a state of ecstasy having found himself at the Mercado de San Miguel, a food hall near Plaza Mayor, and this is were we ended up for a little snack on my all time favourite tapas ‘Pimeientos de Padrón’ and a rather large and lovely glass of red wine. While a sit down three course meal is always lovely there’s just something about a cuisine that allows you try a little bit of something and everything. That’s what I love about Spain and its tapas and about food halls in general. The place was quite touristy but I was too busy gorging on little green peppers to care. Afterwards, we walked about for a bit looking for a restaurant that turned out to no longer exist and finally had a dinner of cheese and hams in a pleasant place, the name of which I can’t remember.


2013-04-09 19.30.49


2013-04-09 19.43.33


For breakfast the next morning we went to Naif also in the Malasaña district for the Spanish take on toast. This was just our sort of cafe/bar – exposed brickwork, a different type of chair at every table, murals, scribbles on the window, low key music, and friendly staff. We liked it so much we came back for lunch the next day.








2013-04-10 11.13.47


No trip would be complete without cake of course (I’m still on maternity leave and have a quota to fulfill). For this we stopped by Pomme Sucre.


2013-04-10 17.22.14


Also on the menu, some traditional Spanish bread soup, more tapas, a beer in Madrid’s oldest pub, and some very large cocktails – rum and coke (for me), gin martini (for him). So all in all, a very happy and filling mini-break. Can’t wait to visit again.






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