Confirmation, blossom, sound*

Three beautiful things from a busy week of house hunting, a first birthday party, and catching up with friends and family:

1. Stepping through the doors of the Tobacco Factory we have it confirmed that we are indeed searching in the right area.

2. The luminous¬†pink blossom spills over the garden fence. I stop to admire it and take a few shots of it against the cloudless blue sky. I’d love to take a few sprigs away with me but I have neither the tools nor the bottle.

3. Two babes sound asleep, glasses filled, sumptuous dinner consumed, and Eurovision.


* as used by Scousers


4 thoughts on “Confirmation, blossom, sound*

  1. The Tobacco Factory is indeed a wonderful theatre. I hope you find a great home. Bristol is a really amazing place, very creative, full of energy. Wishing you much happiness there.

    1. Thank you CJ. We’ve just had an offer accepted on a house (we don’t hang around)! So very excited. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly and we’re in by the end of the summer xx

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