Southampton Faves

Another of my Southampton Faves. This time, it’s the turn of…


The Valley Gardens, on the University of Southampton Highfield campus, are a little sunken oasis of calm and tranquility. Never very busy, it’s the perfect place to grab some peace and quiet surrounded by nature. Or, as I like to do, park up the pram, call your husband who conveniently works on site, and have him bring you a take-away tea in the afternoon.

Created mid-century, the gardens had fallen into a state of neglect by the early 2000s. They’ve since been restored, and a long winding path now takes you up and down through a landscape of raised beds, metal sculpture and ornamental ponds. Apparently, the gardens are home to a small number of rare and endangered great crested newts, as well as their common newt relations, badgers, frogs, bats, slow worms and of course a variety of birds and other small creatures. To support the wildlife, many parts of the garden are left to grow undisturbed. Here are some photos from a recent visit:









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