Nature in the Home: My Favourite Plant


Nearly eight years ago now, Florian bought me this Guzmania lingulata or ‘scarlet star’ as a moving-in gift. He’d been at Columbia Road flower market that morning and apparently it was a toss up between this and a pot of chives. I’m pleased he chose the former. We were on the cusp of getting together, so the chives might well have been a deal breaker! As soon as it was re-potted it grew like mad and produced offspring long before we did. Unfortunately, we no longer have the Guzmania. We left it behind in Wood Green when we were temporarily homeless and had to put our things into storage. Silly really, we should have left it in the care of a friend. I often wonder what happened to it, and my rather nice red pot. I’m not sure it’s the most beautiful plant ever but it’s certainly my favourite for all the memories it evokes, and when we finally move into our own home, a scarlet star will be the first plant I buy.

Apologies for the dreadful photo, it was the only one I could find.

Joining in Lou’s Nature in the Home series over at Little Green Shed.


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