Nature in the Home: Red berries



A collection of berries for this week’s Nature in the Home challenge of ‘red’. The tartest of Johanisbeeren, the tiniest and sweetest of wild strawberries and the juiciest of raspberries, picked fresh from my mother-in-law’s garden. We’ve been gorging on fruit since we arrived here on Tuesday, including bags full of black syrupy cherries just bought at the side of the road. It’s also Pfifferling season (Chanterelle mushrooms), so they will be eaten in ridiculous quantities in the coming weeks. Oh, the gastronomic delights of a Black Forest summer!

Joining the Nature in the Home series over at Little Green Shed.


2 thoughts on “Nature in the Home: Red berries

    1. Thanks Sara! Just been skimming through your beautiful blog… Love the cardboard house idea, we’re moving soon and will have lots of boxes to play with, can’t wait to create something for my little boy x

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