Summer: Staufen, Germany




2013-07-02 20.09.03












A fortnight ago we waved bye bye to a sleepy Southampton, boarded a ferry in fogbound Dover, drove over six hours along the sunny French highways, and arrived at the foot of the black forest just as dusk was settling.

Two days after our arrival, Summer made her appearance and shows no sign of disappearing yet. Our 30+ degree days in the shade are filled with alfresco dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner, exploring and playing in the garden, walking into town, eating ice cream, driving into the cooling mountains, meeting up with friends, and splashing about in a zinc tub. Apart from when it’s time to sleep, we live outdoors. Since I’m officially back at work, most mornings and some afternoons I’m also sat writing. I thought it might be a bit of a chore but actually after a year of doing next to nothing by way of intellectual activity, I’ve found it strangely enjoyable. I’ve also finally, after a significant amount of needless deliberation, arrived at a few decisions regarding the future of my work and this is making me feel slightly more energised with regards to the year ahead.

We tend to spend at least a couple weeks here in Staufen over the summer but this year’s a bit different, what with the whole home-buying process going to take at least another six to eight weeks. We’re using the fact that we have no roof of our own to catch up with family and friends under theirs. Our European road trip will take us first to Lake Constance, then onto Venice, for our bi-annual group excursion to the Biennale, next to Munich, then to Switzerland and finally Berlin. But that all starts at the end of the month. For now, we are content with summer in Staufen.

* thanks to our friend Seb for the last few photos, including a rare one of the three of us.


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