Nature in the Home: Round & Simple

The theme this week was ’round’. Originally, I had planned to snip one of these spherical thistles to take inside but then I hadn’t the heart seeing as the wild bees like them so much.


Then, as luck would have it, a sunflower collapsed and I decided I would make do with its round eye and circular rays.


Fortunately, the big yellow disk in the sky shows no sign of wilting. Apparently its going to reach 37˚C this Saturday. Even that’s a bit too hot for me. Thankfully, we’ll be in Venice where it’ll be a cooler 33˚C!

A miss-calculation and a broken camera lens meant that I missed last week’s link up on the theme of ‘simple’ so I’ve included here:


blackcurrants + sage + water = simple (and delicious and refreshing)

Nature in the Home is over for now while Lou, our host, is taking a well deserved summer break. I’ve really enjoyed this little series. I’ve learnt to really appreciate the plants we have and discovered so many lovely blogs in the process. I’m really looking forward to bringing some nature into our new home in the autumn!


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