The last days of summer

With the tan fading fast, house projects looming and autumn brewing, I thought I’d just round off my summer posts with some pictures from the last few days of our German sojourn. Our last weekend there was one of extreme contrasts, from the remoteness of the Black Forest to the thronging crowds of the Novartis campus day in Basel.

Up in the hills above the village of Todtnau stands a traditional Black Forest hut belonging to the family of our friend. It was built a long time ago by her relatives and their friends and has been shared by their families down the generations. It has no electricity, water is brought up from a spring, and there’s a hole in the ground for a toilet. Such isolation isn’t for us. We tried it once and quickly hotfooted it back to civilization the next day. It is however the perfect spot to spend a few hours drinking coffee, eating cake and doing a bit of cow spotting.







friends // bbq // table service // watching cows // papa and son // family portrait

The Novartis campus is huge. Once an industrial complex, the tram lines are still visible, it is gradually being transformed into a state of the art office space with buildings by Frank Gehry and David Chipperfield. We had a fun day. There was music and performers and line dancing! For me, apart from all the free food on offer, it was the restaurants that impressed the most. So many and so stylish, they blow your average workplace refectory clean out of the water.










Gehry // Diener & Diener // bubbles // clown on stilts // fishing // lovely lighting // butterflies on stilts


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