We know we’re home when we hang the Haffners: A House Update


With most of the walls painted and floors sanded and stained we’ve finally moved onto what was always going to be my favourite part of making this house our home: retrieving our possessions from their boxes and hanging our artwork.

First to go up, on the first floor landing, was our set of three works by our talented friend and artist Philipp Haffner. They were previously hung behind sofas where it wasn’t always easy to view them. So intricate, Philipp’s drawings need to be lingered over up close so they now have pride of place in the corridor between the top of the stairs and our bedroom. We always feel at home when these are around. Ours are from his Vertigo series. You can currently get a Christmas special edition from this series for under £100 over at Vanja Contemporary. Go treat yourself!

The house is really beginning to take shape now. In September and October, we had all the horrible textured walls and ceilings skimmed and the guttering replaced. We painted everything white, tore out the fireplaces and stripped them back to the brick. The kitchen and bathroom also received quick and relatively inexpensive makeovers, from this:


to this:



and from this:



to this:




This month, some master craftsmen arrived and within 5 days the floors had gone from this…


to this…


to this…


On Monday, the sofa arrived meaning we can now finally sit comfortably in our living room,




and this time next week there will be a wood burner in that gaping hole up there . C.A.N.N.O.T.W.A.I.T! There’s still so much to do but it’s really beginning to feel like home.


2 thoughts on “We know we’re home when we hang the Haffners: A House Update

    1. Thanks Penny! The burner certainly will be a luxury. Haven’t had an open fire or such like, or indeed a fire of any sorts since I was a child – always rented before now, and only had central heating xx

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