Pampered, dinner party, baking

Three beautiful things this week:

1. Hair cut and eyebrows waxed – a little pampering to start the week.

2. On Saturday, the next door neighbours call round and invite themselves to dinner. They’ve had a last minute cancellation and now have too much food already prepared. Would it be OK if they came over to ours that evening? Hell, yes. Our first dinner party and we don’t even have to cook. Result!

3. First batch of Christmas biscuits baked.


2 thoughts on “Pampered, dinner party, baking

  1. Three great things, lucky you. So glad you’ve arrived in Bristol, I hope you are very happy here, it really is a wonderful city. Good luck with all the renovations.

    1. Thanks CJ. Can’t believe we’ve been here nearly three months already. We’ve barely begun to explore the city as too engrossed in the house at the moment but I guess we’ve got years to do that! But what I’ve seen so far it was definitely the right move xx

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