Christmas Nature in the Home: Our Tree


We buy our tree and keep it out the back until Christmas Eve when at around 4pm we bring it inside, wrestle it into its stand, switch on Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, pop open a bottle of something fizzy, and carefully unwrap the decorations. The ornaments were gifted to us by Florian’s mum while some others we’ve picked up here and there. They’re mostly little wooden characters – ice skaters, drummer boys, angels, even a miniature hobby horse. Last to go on are the beeswax candles, which look and smell divine! We don’t usually light the tree until after dinner but this year we struck a match early for our boy. We did question the sensibility of having the tree and its open flames in such easy reach of a careering toddler but apart from a couple of occasions when he took off with a mini St Nicholas he surprisingly let the tree be.

Joining Littlegreenshed’s Christmas Nature in the Home .


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