First Christmas in Bristol

Our first Christmas in Bristol, in our new home was just about as perfect as it gets. It consisted of (in no particular order): baking and eating Christmas biscuits; advent calendars, crowns and banners; last minute potato stamping of cards; wrapping and unwrapping presents; waiting anxiously for friends to arrive through the storm; sitting by the fire; decorating the tree; lighting candles; popping over to the neighbours on Christmas morning; crackers with their silly toys and paper hats; leisurely German breakfasts with perfect boiled eggs; raclette with all the trimmings; smoked salmon and beetroot; beef broth and pancakes; beef and spätzle and red cabbage and sprouts; chocolate mousse; bream; fondant potatoes and cauliflower three ways; cheese; chocolates; champagne and wine and whiskey sours; reading books (mostly children’s ones); a planned walk across the suspension bridge and and an unplanned descent through Leigh Woods; playing with cars, trains and a little wooden dachshund; and deer spotting at Ashton Court.

I took few pictures, preferring to stay in the moment rather than behind the lens, hence this rather random set:

biscuitshildebrötle aka jammie dodgers

DSC_0117last year’s star banner

DSC_0250our tree

DSC_0243opening presents

DSC_0301the chef at work

DSC_0277the fish-chef

DSC_0316the cauliflower chef

DSC_0310Christmas day starter


DSC_0336a boy and his dachshund





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