Reading, Raining, Resting

It’s been a long week with snotty noses and sleepless nights but these three made it beautiful:

1. to sit by the fireside with a book in my hand.

2. to have the soggy park all to ourselves and splash in fresh puddles.

3. to lie in bed a little longer while my wonderful husband takes the boy down for his breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Reading, Raining, Resting

  1. It sounds lovely. I’ve enjoyed catching up with your blog, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying Bristol so much. It’s been nice to see familiar (and new) places in your beautiful photos.

    1. ah, thanks CJ. Although I’ve not been commenting I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts in the run up to the festive season and beyond. I loved your one about recipes on the back of envelopes (one of my treasured possessions is my (now deceased) Nan’s lemon loaf recipe she wrote on one side of a notecard to me), and as ever your witty observations of the antics of your boys always make me chuckle 🙂 xx

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