House Update: New Additions

Just a few of the new additions to our home since the last update. Some vintage and restored finds from local shops, some new artwork and a piece or two from good old Ikea and JL.







From top to bottom:

– Living room: a pair of 1950s Hungarian armchairs – they’ll need re-upholstering at some point in the distant future // Cream and Chrome

– Our bedroom: chest of drawers, by P. E. Gane Ltd – Bristol manufacturer till the 50s // Bristol Reclamation

– Office: John Pakapoukas: Scene 06 // Vanja Contemporary

– The boy’s room: chest of drawers // Bristol Reclamation

– The boy’s room: retro multi-hanger // Bristol Reclamation

– Upstairs hallway: mini book shelf // Ikea :: lamp shade (x2) // John Lewis


2 thoughts on “House Update: New Additions

    1. Thanks CJ. The basket was my nan’s. It’s nothing special, plastic mostly with a broken inlay tray and very messy inside but it has a rather nice ditsy print on the top and I love it for its sentimental value even if it hardly gets used. x

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