The year in books: March


Flying by the seat of my pants, here’s my book for March: Ian McEwan’s, The Comfort of Strangers. Picked up for free on a neighbour’s wall, alongside Sebastian Faulk’s Birdsong and The Dictionary of Indoor Plants by the Royal Horticultural Society. I’ve read quite a bit of McEwan’s work, particularly his short stories. Of course, their being ‘short’ is a major plus of his books but I’m always amazed at how much back story he manages to pack into the lives and relationships of his characters and I like novels that traverse time (probably the historian in me).

Between finishing off work, planning a career change, applying for jobs, preparing for interviews and chasing after a toddler I’ve have little time or energy for updating the blog or reading this month. At only 125 pages The Comfort of Strangers is just about doable – only the last few chapters to go now. I suspect next month’s back will also be a short one.

My book for February, Londoners by Craig Taylor, was a good read, packed with stories albeit some more interesting than others. I certainly wasn’t left longing to be back there (shitty digs, extortionate rents, not being home much before 8pm, black muck up your nose, no thanks!) But it did make me a teensy-bit nostalgic for that ‘other’ London, I remember: those walks across Waterloo Bridge, when your heart skips and you fall in love with the city all over again; living in Bloomsbury and having everything at my feet; the smell of Greek and Turkish grill wafting down Green Lanes on long, hot, summer days and swimming on the Heath.

Joining in The Year in Books over at Circle of Pine Trees.




3 thoughts on “The year in books: March

  1. You sound so incredibly busy! Good luck with the career change and interviews (and toddler chasing!) I hope you have a good week.

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