Egg hunt














The boy received a monster stash of chocolate and fondant on his first-ever easter-egg hunt, much of which was eaten en route around Oma’s garden. The easter bunny seems to have upped his/her game since I was young. They now deliver balance bikes, baskets for trikes, books and clothes. There was also a certain swine guarding one nest. A month or so ago we visited friends whose daughter has a massive Peppa Pig stuffed toy. The boy was smitten, and spent the weekend pushing Peppa around in a buggy. He even went to sleep with her, waking us in the middle of the night searching for her in the dark! We’ve had to ban watching her on YouTube because of the tantrums that errupt when we turn it off . So naturally, we caved and bought him a small Peppa as his easter gift as an antidote to all the sweet stuff – talk about making a rod for our own back.


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