At the beach









A few photos from recent trips to the seaside. At New Brighton, we built sandcastles and watched boats sail along the Mersey. At Weston-super-Mare, we located a quieter and more salubrious stretch of beach from which to fly our kite – best £1.50 ever spent, by the way. It’s funny. I never realized, growing up, what a treasure it was to live near the coast. Only once I was hundreds of miles away at University, surrounded by a few large parks, the M25, and the Heathrow flight path, that I came to appreciate how much I’d taken the easy access to sand, salty air and endless horizons for granted. Also funny, is that when once I would have been bothered by sand getting everywhere, now I don’t give a damn. I relish carrying the signs of a good time with my boy.*

*smears of dribble, snot, food, paint etc are included here. Glitter is most definitely not.


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