The year in books: June


I missed last month’s link up by a few mere hours and here I am cutting it fine again! My book for May was Sebastian Faulk’s Charlotte Gray, the story of a young Scottish woman who becomes involved in the French Resistance. It was as enjoyable as a book focusing on the events of WWII, the Holocaust and the complicity of Vichy France in the deportation and extermination of Jews can be, I guess. Birdsong had more of a lasting impression on me than this book but there were certainly passages that I found very difficult to read without my eyes welling up.

This month I’ve been reading The Shadow of the Sun: My African Life by Rysazrd Kapuściński. I say this month, I only started it on Tuesday! Polish born Kapuściński lived and worked in Africa as a journalist for several years. So far, I’m finding it enjoyable with each new chapter offering short bursts of history mixed with informative and sometimes amusing observations of contemporary life (starting in 1957) in post-colonial Africa.

Joining in The Year in Books over at Circle of pine Trees.


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