Home: One year on

One year on, so how did we do? Well, gone are the moth-infested carpets, stomach-spinning pink, peach and green walls, condemned 90s gas fires, and asthma-inducing concertina lampshades, replaced with sanded floors, white paint, wood burner and lots (maybe too many?!) industrial-style pendants. See for yourselves:

Hallway & Stairs

DSC_1359   DSC_0316

DSC_1358    DSC_0324

Front living room



Back living room 




DSC_1364    DSC_0038


DSC_1362    DSC_1361





Boy’s bedroom



DSC_0010    DSC_0004

Upstairs hallway

DSC_1379   DSC_0363


DSC_1397    DSC_0353

 It’s been a long slog but oh so worth it. There’s still lots to do. A new front door is being fitted next month and there are a ton of little projects which we never seem to get around to completing, like finding a solution to the concrete slab in front of the fireplace in the back room. I want to cover it in geometric tiles but it’s proving hard to find the right size and design of tiles for a decent price. I love the tiles by this company but the bank balance says no. The search continues. We also need to finish painting the woodwork. At first, Florian convinced me that we should leave it, sort of German Altbau style, scuffed with a hint of history. And for a while it worked. But then he painted the stairs in preparation for the runner and the surrounding skirting boards and doors just looked more and more ‘alt’ without the ‘bau’. The kitchen, bathroom and spare room/office remain much as they were, only now filled with our stuff. In the back room, meanwhile, the absence of an as yet to be agreed upon perfect piano means that the supposed ‘music room’ has become our very own Småland but we did close the awful hatch to the kitchen which now makes a lovely nook for our breakfast dishes.  Out the back, Florian courageously removed the Afro from the dilapidated shed as well as its front side creating what we’re calling our ‘summer house’. In the dark, and adorned with a few latterns, it’s really quite nice. As with the kitchen, we have big plans for this little yarden but they’re going to take time.  I think the biggest transformations have been the hallway and the living room, which are now feel light and airy. Can you believe someone actually covered up those beautiful red quarry tiles in the porch?! The living room catches the best of the daytime sun whilst its crisp white walls make the perfect canvas for catching shadows as the nights draw in. I’m relishing the start of autumn, always my favourite season, and it won’t be long before we re-stock our log pile and get that wood burner going once again.

Home Sweet Home.



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