Swab Barcelona 2014



A couple of weekends ago we had ourselves a 48 hour mini-break in Barcelona. Just the two of us.* It. Was. Amazing! We were there to attend the Swab art fair, as collectors no less, invited in association with our friend Chris’s gallery, Vanja Contemporary, who won a prized place at the fair for young galleries.** We were treated to a plush hotel room with rooftop pool, exclusive preview of Swab, VIP tours of exhibitions at the Joan Miró Foundation and the Fundació Suñol, a private party at the swanky-beyond-belief apartment of a local Barcelona impresario and art collector, and a private rooftop party with views across the city – through all of which we attempted to swan around as if this was how we lived all the time. The alcohol flowed, tapas was consumed and we never made it to breakfast.

The art was pretty great too, and had our pockets been deeper and house significantly larger we would certainly have found something to buy from the massive canvasses of Birgit Borggrebe and Brigitta Loch, to the amusing drawings/stories of Javier Calleja, and the art on cardboard of Søren Behnke (his is the Pippicasso above). And not forgetting, the work of our very own friend Philipp Haffner, who won a Visioni Future Residency Award – congratulations Philipp! Read more and get your hands on some award-winning artwork here.

* thanks Mum!

** thanks Chris!






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